Adopt an Eco Turtle refill station

Delphis Eco is delighted to launch its new Eco Turtle refill station. This unique dispenser allows you to:

- buy award winning ecological cleaning products for your home, school or business

- teach children about recycling and being sustainable

- raise money for schools, charities and social enterprise


Why adopt an Eco Turtle refill station? We need to reuse and recycle to make a positive impact on the world we live in. Adopting an Eco Turtle refill station can generate up to £198 revenue and is available in two packages, to rent or buy. Click here for prices.


The Eco Turtle Project is a fun and exciting sustainability programme that engages pupils, parents and schools. The Eco Turtle Project was developed with a group of 8 year old school children. The aim was to design a system where their parents could access ecological cleaning products for the home and raise money for the school, whilst helping the environment. In addition, pupils will choose how to spent the revenue.


"The Eco Turtle refill station teaches children about the environmental benefits of recycling and reusing. In addition, the school generates a much needed revenue stream". Richard Dunne, Head of Ashley C of E Primary School, Surrey.


Adopt an Eco Turtle refill station leaflet