Bartlett Mitchell

Bartlett Mitchell are a contract catering company with 70 sites in London and the South East, serving over 25,000 meals a day.


As members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), they identified cleaning products as having a negative impact on the environment and so set about listing the criteria they wanted to achieve.


The new cleaning products had to be:

  • less toxic to the environment
  • equally effective as non eco products
  • use lower quantities
  • have 3rd party accreditation
  • recyclable packaging
  • cost neutral


Trial Action:

Delphis Eco products were trialled in a cross section of Bartlett Mitchell sites to compare the consumption and effectiveness of the range versus the existing cleaning products used.


Feedback from two of the trial sites:

Symantec: Did not notice any difference or disruption when using Delphis Eco compared to their usual Diversey range.

The Crown Estate: Were impressed with Delphis Eco and thought half the products were as good, half were better than Diversey.


Trial Results:

The result were very positive:

- 97% approval rating

- reduced product range from 34  to 21


Delphis Eco also reduced:

- administrative costs

- associated delivery costs

- associated carbon footprint

- storage

- simplified cleaning regime


On final cost analysis, Delphis Eco products proved to be cost neutral.


Trial Conclusion:

Bartlett Mitchell has converted their entire cleaning chemical requirements to Delphis Eco. They were satisfied Delphis Eco fully achieved the search criteria and our green offering would bring them many benefits.


"We have ticked off all the boxes on our search criteria and to the best of our knowledge, we are the first contract caterer to transition entirely to eco cleaning chemicals".  Don Seller, Purchasing Manager, Bartlett Mitchell


"Thank you so much for the wonderful training session you provided for myself and my staff. We found you to be friendly, helpful and well informed. Both myself and my team feel that the session was a great benefit to our site, and gave us the opportunity to learn a little more about the products and how their use will be beneficial not only to us but to the environment as well. I personally am thrilled to have made the switch from regular products to ones that are Eco Friendly. I believe that more places should be moving to find ways to protect the environment in their day to day procedures, and I am very happy that Delphis Eco assists in making this as simple as possible."  Site Manager


Bartlett Mitchell Case Study