Bio Fizzy Tablets aid Zimbabwe

I have a Safari lodge situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe. I have two septic tanks situated at the main lodge, four septic tanks with soak away in the Zambezi Valley and three at my house in Harare. The septic tanks are all standard sizes; 3m long x 2m wide x 3m deep and waste flows from these into a soak away in the ground.


In 2012 we had a period of flooding that resulted in excessive water entering our septic tanks causing excessive odour. Normally we would pour lime into the septic tanks but found that this was not eliminating the odour and not breaking down the solid waste.


I discovered Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets and use one tablet per month per septic tank. We have completely eliminated the odour and found that the tablets break down the solid waste into liquid a lot quicker than without using the tablets.


We have not experienced any blockages since using Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets and, unlike in the past, has there been any need to empty our septic tanks.


Thank you Delphis Eco!

Spiros Yiannakis


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