Delphis Eco in Asia

Delphis Eco will be participating in the UKTI’s “Great Festival of Creativity’, 2 – 4 March 2015 Shanghai, amongst fellow Royal Warrant Holders and HRH The Duke of Cambridge.  Not only will these events showcase British creativity and innovation but also develop better understanding and dialogue between global enterprises.  We hope to better establish our growing presence in Asia, in line with our recent achievements in China and Taiwan.


 Sustainability on a Budget - The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, 3rd March 2015

This event will be a great opportunity for CEOs and those working in corporate social responsibility, sustainability, supply chain management, procurement, public relations, risk management and quality control functions to hear the story Delphis Eco. Read more here.



The Golden Apple Kindergarten is a renowned, international, private education institution in Chengdu, China.  By using Delphis Eco cleaning products, we hope that our sustainability ethos will grow within the Golden Apple group, beyond cleaning the playgrounds and into every aspect of learning and the learning environment.


Delphis Eco in Asia 


The Park Taipei Hotel in Taiwan is a luxurious, contemporary hotel that combines elegance with professionalism.  We are proud to announce the partnership between the Park Taipei Hotel and Delphis Eco which we hope will grow from strength to strength.


By 2015 the Chinese urban population living in towns and cities is estimated to hit the 700 million mark, with an overall population total of 1.39 billion.  Environmental and sustainable technologies, strategies and lifestyles are rapidly gathering speed within China, in the hope to establish a ‘long green march’ to reclaim ecosystems devastated by decades of heavy industrialization.  Delphis Eco aims to be at the forefront of this drive for environmental protection and sustainability.  We believe that through our UKTI collaboration, and by participating in the Great Festival in Shanghai, our position in China will go from strength to strength.