Delphis Eco talk Chemcials with Saint Hill Manor

Delphis Eco talks all things Chemicals with Michael Blunden, the Saint Hill Manor Buildings Manager


  1. When did Saint Hill Manor Switch to Delphis Eco and what were the main reasons behind your switch to ecological cleaning chemicals?


          We changed over to Delphis Eco in 2010 on the basic cleaning products, multi purpose, Antibacterial cleaner and washing up liquid. A year after that we moved onto the masonry and stone cleaner, dishwasher liquid and rinse aid. We are currently moving towards getting cream cleaner as well as heavy duty cleaner and other products.


          We changed over because it was green and that it represented a better image for the environment. It was easy to use and presentable to the building cleaners. The dosing was less and it would last a lot longer.


  1. What are your core Delphis Eco products?


          The core of the cleaning products we use are; Multi purpose, anti-bacterial cleaner, dishwasher liquid, rinse aid, Washing up liquid and fizzy tablets.


  1. Have you found a product rationalisation through your switch to Delphis Eco?


          With the various products that we have, we have been able to use less chemicals. The cleaning products to do a variety of cleaning tasks which has been efficient in terms of not having shelves of cleaning products.


  1. How does using Delphis Eco compare to your initial monthly chemical spend?


          With the Delphis products able to clean a variety of surfaces, we do not have to purchase more than is needed. With the dosing system in place the cleaning chemicals are used in correct dosage so that things are cleaned correctly and no waste is created. This means that we do not have to spend as much and we have lowered our cleaning expenditure massively.


  1. What health and Safety benefits have you identified through using Delphis Eco products?


They are not dangerous and have not caused any harmful effects to any of my staff or cleaners. The simple fact that they are free from perfume and added inapplicable ingredients makes it a pleasure to use and generally gets the job done first time.


          Refectory Manager; “Not harming to skin”


  1. What is your favourite Delphis Eco product?


          Multi-purpose, it is simple and effective on almost all surfaces. Is is a useful product that has no perfume and cleans nearly all items in the normal household and office.


          Refectory Chef: “Multi purpose – works on most things”.


  1. What benefits to cleaning have you found through switching to Delphis Eco?


          All the products that you use are non-perfumed and non-fragranced. This give a feel of a space being clean without the perfume and fragrance hiding the smell. It also make it a pleasurable space to be in without the smell hitting you when you go into a space.


          Refectory Manager; “Economical”


  1. What benefits to the end user have you found through switching to Delphis Eco?


          As above, being the end user these are very efficient as well as perfume and fragrance free. Also the staffs have mentioned that it is easier and there are no smells or reactions from using it. It also covers cleaning most surfaces and so is easier.


          Refectory Manager; “Easy Cleaning”


  1. Please add any further additional comments or quotes about your experience of using Delphis Eco?


          We have a firm policy that no perfume or fragranced items to be used, with the Delphis Eco products it fits right in. the ease of using it and the dosing system we are installing it will last a lot longer as well as it becomes one or two products to clean a room normally. When you arrive in the kitchens and din

ning rooms the degreaser, oven cleaner do not have a toxic effect and you do not need to wear layers and layers of clothing to protect yourself or dust mask and fresh air every 5 minutes to breath.


          Most of the products are valuable and you see an increase in cleanliness.


          The only thing is that there are some products that are perfumed and fragranced that I wish were not as I can not use them. This goes to hand soap, toilet cleaner, Limescale remover and washroom cleaner. If these are not perfumed then we would most likely be using them.