Hand Sanitiser Refill Bottle

We’ve created a new 200ml Hand Sanitiser bottle. It’s supplied empty and can be used again and again by refilling it from our 5ltr Hand Sanitiser. The bottle dispenses instant foam to create an invigorating, luxurious and fun user experience, whilst reducing the amount of plastic going to landfill.


Our anti-microbial and alcohol free Hand Sanitiser has been formulated to focus on hygiene where infection through cross contamination is a problem. It can be used to sanitise hands prior to contact with patients, surfaces, food, etc. It cleans and kills germs to prevent infection without the need for drying on a towel.



  • ideal for kitchens, schools, health care, etc.
  • reusable foaming dispenser
  • non-flammable and non-sticky
  • keeps hands soft - doesn’t dry out your skin


Delphis Eco Hand Sanitiser refill bottle


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