Hertfordshire Catering

Howe Dell is a primary school with 170 children between the ages of 4–11 located in Hatfield in Hertfordshire. Howe Dell has been awarded Green Flag status from Eco-Schools. Howe Dell approached 3663, their food supplier, and asked them whether they could recommend any ecological chemicals. 3663 recommended they switch from their current provider to Delphis Eco.

Delphis Eco carried out a site survey of Howe Dell School, suggested like-for-like product alternatives and gave detailed cleaning instructions. Delphis Eco completed a 1 month trial starting in March 2010.


The trial was a success and proved Delphis Eco products were:

•  cost neutral relative to their previous products

•  as effective as their previous products

•  gentler on the cleaning staff (stopped having skin irritations)

•  simpler and easier to use

•  readily available (next day delivery)


Delphis Eco also rationalised the range of chemicals used on site by 42% saving on:

•  administrative costs (fewer invoices / month)

•  associated delivery costs

•  associated carbon footprint

•  storage (a valuable asset in kitchens)


Based on the successful trial at Howe Dell School, Hertfordshire Catering agreed to immediately roll out to 31 schools. At the end of the first roll out we asked the schools to complete a questionnaire. Of the 31 schools questioned, 91% of them thought our products were either better or the same than their current non ecological products.


There are currently 253 schools in Hertfordshire that are using Delphis Eco products.


As a result of the successful trial and Howe Dell’s prominence within the Eco-Schools programme, the Purchasing Manager for Hertfordshire Catering will roll out the programme to all 460 schools within her remit. On final review, Delphis Eco products proved to offer an overall cost saving to schools and were highly effective and straight forward to use.


"Following an enquiry Hertfordshire Catering trialed Delphis Eco products in one of our environmental friendly schools and as a result of this, and further trials in a number of our other schools, we decided to change our entire range of cleaning products to Delphis Eco. Hertfordshire Catering is presently rolling the products out to all of our 410 primary schools and 40 secondary schools and have found the products to be very effective and have had a positive impact on staff’s health.  The change has also resulted in a cost saving to the organisation and has assisted us with our green agenda."  Food Development and Contracts Manager, Hertfordshire Catering     www.hertsdirect.org


“We like Delphis Eco products because they are cost neutral relative to our previous products, just as effective and gentler on the cleaning staff who stopped having skin irritations. At the end of the trial we had achieved a 42% reduction in our product range, which of course meant more space in the kitchen and less time spent on administration. The benefit of the products being made in Britain and delivered alongside our food also decreased our carbon footprint. Obviously this also gives us an edge as a Green Flag school and helps us achieve our leading status.”  Jackie Sayers, Head Chef at Howe Dell School


Hertfordshire Catering case study