HMP Liverpool

Trial of Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets at HMP Liverpool

“Following our trial of Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets I can now inform you of the results. The product itself is very good. There has been a considerable difference in the amount of food, in particular fatty deposits, present in the drains since we have been using Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets. The drains appear to be clearer and the need for an external drain cleaning service has been reduced.


The product works better for me at HMP Liverpool than traditional dosing units. Since using your product we've had some really good results. The cost of the system is the biggest benefit for me. We have reduced our spend in this area considerably by switching from a traditional dosing system to the manual distribution of Bio Fizzy Tablets.


Our costs have reduced by at least half what we were spending before and the quality of the result speaks for itself. I would recommend this product to any catering operation based on the results of the usage both here at HMP Liverpool and in the past when I used Bio Fizzy Tablets at HMP Kennet.”


Lee Jaszczuk, Catering Manager - HMP Liverpool


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