St Andrews University has the ‘X’ Factor!

John Burnet Halls at the University of St. Andrews were the first of several halls of residence that were quick to trial the Delphis Eco range.  As a Green Tourism Gold accredited business they were keen to find a sustainable chemical supplier.  On completion of the initial COSHH training Lesley Wilson the deputy residential manager of John Burnet Halls asked if Delphis Eco could solve her ‘black tramlines’ in the carpet?


Within a week Iain Stewart, Business Development Manager at Delphis Eco, returned with a bottle of Xfactor Cleaner and a sponge.


From June to August the halls had been closed for renovation and the builders had thoughtfully fixed polythene sheeting to the floor with masking tape.  After 3 months the sticky residue was sealed to the carpet.  Three different specialist cleaners had been sent in – one to steam clean the carpet, one to complete a carpet shampoo and one to manually clean on hands and knees.  Within minutes Iain had removed 6m of black marks, within an hour the persistent tram lines were gone, thanks to Lesley and her team.


Having trialled the rest of the Delphis Eco range Lesley and her team have dropped from 6 products to 3 to keep the building clean – and of course an emergency bottle of Xfactor Cleaner!