Case Study - Contract Cleaner


"Although we started using ecological products out of necessity, it now gives us a competitive advantage"
Marsha Grant, owner and manager of Matgag, contract cleaning services

Ten years ago, Marsha Grant was ahead of her time when she set-up a contract cleaning business which would clean entire properties using products that were harmless for her staff and for the environment.

The motivation for setting up such a business was selfish to start with
- Marsha is gluten intolerant and has a very sensitive skin. She has had
to adapt her diet and life style to her condition but being a trained chef meant
that she was constantly exposed to chemicals which would generate
allergic reactions and make her skin flare up.

"I then thought about how we stay cooped inside the kitchen all day and
how we flush chemicals down the sinks, through the dishwasher and down the drains" She decided to investigate cleaning products and the various options available; and worked with the Chartered Institute of
Environmental Health (www.cieh.org ) on her research. What she found was alarming.

The Institute of Environmental Health reported that toxic chemicals in
today's homes are three times more likely to cause cancer than any
outdoor airborne pollutants. “Many household consumer products contain chemicals that, if they were found outdoors, would be classified as hazardous air pollutants," said Richard Corsi, civil engineering professor at the University of Texas at Austin."

She started by changing the range of cleaning products into her own
house, and became a certified trainer for the CIEH. She now successfully runs Matgag Cleaning services, a company specialising in special events cleaning; and only uses green products, good for the health or its users and for the environment.

'The products we use are also very effective. We specialise in cleaning
buildings after refurbishments or at change of ownership - they are invariably heavily soiled, dusty, greasy, mouldy etc. The ecological range we use is so powerful that we can now clean and disinfect an entire building with only four products. For example, we use the multi-purpose cleaner also as an oven cleaner. It gives the same result and means we don't need to increase our inventory. We also use it to clean carpets but at a different dilution ratio which means the Multi-purpose product is actually saving us a lot of money, which we can then pass on to our clients.'

We are starting to notice a shift in our clients' mentality - they are still very focused on price but the welfare of the cleaning staff is also becoming a concern, which is nice for us.

To clean the inside of a whole building, Marsha's staff would typically use the following products:

- Delphis Multi Purpose Cleaner
- Delphis Washroom Cleaner
- Delphis Neutal detergent
- Water and newspaper for windows & Stainless steel

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