Delphis Eco nominated for Wandsworth Business Awards 2013

Delphis Eco are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for three categories at the Wandsworth Business Awards; Entrepreneur of The Year, Commitment to The Community and Best Green Business. The awards ceremony will be held on November 7th...so watch this space!


This is the first year the Wandsworth Business Awards have taken place. They are part of a new programme being developed and organised by Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce to reward and celebrate the many dynamic and innovative businesses in the London Borough of Wandsworth. So to win any of these will be a great achievement. Here's a little about each of the awards we are up for...


Entrepreneur of The Year; Entrepreneurs come from all types of backgrounds and set up businesses for a whole variety of differing reasons – there are, however, a number of traits common amongst most entrepreneurs, from drive, ambition, vision and tenacity to inspirational leadership, inventiveness and confidence.

This award sets out to recognise and acknowledge the application of those special qualities within the context of starting, growing and sustaining a successful south London-based business.


Commitment to the Community; The appeal and success of businesses doing more within their local community is growing quite sharply, as more people recognise and place an appropriate value on this way of engaging.

By supporting a vibrant local economy, many businesses with both a national and local presence are benefiting from enhanced reputations and the development of stronger local networks .

This award is open to all types of businesses and will go to the business that can best demonstrate how it has rolled out a project or initiative that has delivered significant and tangible benefits to the local community.


Best Green Business; There are a number of important reasons why companies decide to embed a ‘green’ policy into their business - the most significant being the preservation of the world’s natural resources, as being the responsibility of every individual both at work and at home.

From a commercial perspective, however, there are a number of interlocking reasons - each one underpinning the ability of the business to use ‘green’ or ‘environmental sustainability’ as a driver for overall business improvement.

These include: setting a positive example for employees, which boosts morale and company loyalty, gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating your business as a ‘green company’, improving efficiency and potentially lowering costs, as well as providing a cleaner, healthier work and trading environment.

This award is open to all types of businesses and will go to the business that can best demonstrate its positive ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ ethos and practice.


Wish us luck!

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