Goodbye fatberg

Delphis Eco’s Bio Fizzy Tablets consume a thick layer of fat in just 5 days; leaving the drain fully functioning, clean and odour free.


The problem: Hertford Junior School in Hollingdean, Brighton, accumulated substantial fat deposits creating a ‘fatberg’ in one of its drains. This blockage caused noxious sewage smells in parts of the school.


The solution: To use Delphis Eco Fizzy Tablets on an intensive basis for several days to reduce the fat build up and begin to clear the drain of smells. On day one, 4 tablets were dissolved into a bucket of tepid water and poured into the drain.


The results: In just five days the thick layer of fat was broken down and dissolved using a total of just 16 Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets. The fat has been consumed and dissolved using friendly bacteria and will continue to consume fat where ever it finds it. This will enhance flow across the entire drain system.

  • clear drain
  • no bad smell
  • no need for professional drain cleaning
  • happy teachers, staff and pupils

Delphis Eco’s Bio Fizzy Tablets offer a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly solution to this common problem.


Download the case study here...



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