Green Business Tourism Scheme and Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco has broken the mould when it comes to manufacturing and supplying ecological cleaning liquids.

Since it was founded in 2007, Delphis Eco became the 1st UK company to develop an EU Flower / Defra accredited ecological cleaning range and is till the only UK company to only manufacturer ecologically minded products.

Early on Delphis Eco recognised the impact the tourism industry has in the environment and encouraged Green Business members with a 30% reduction off list and still offer a 15% reduction to members.

Delphis Eco are very strong in the hotel and leisure market and continually assist proud GTBS members further their environmental efforts by using ecological cleaning chemicals. Most recently Balmoral Castle, who are Gold Members have switched across to Delphis Eco.

Delphis Eco have a number of new products going through the EU Flower's accreditation and is very proud to have launched a new 500ml ecological washing up liquid in a completely recycled bottle and which is just as effective as the market leading brand.

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