Hackney City Farm - first retail outlet for Delphis Eco products!

Hackney City Farm, based a short walk away from Hoxton Station in London, has recently starting selling Delphis Eco cleaning products to their customers.  The products (Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser, Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Washroom Cleaner) are available in concentrated form to be filled up with water at home; all except Delphis Eco's Washing Up Liquid which you can fill up onsite - just take an empty bottle!

For over 20 years, Hackney City Farm has been giving the local community the opportunity to experience farming right in the heart of the city.  They offer children and adults the opportunity to get up close to a range of farmyard animals; see, smell and plant vegetables and other food plants; and learn new skills to live a healthier, happier life with a lower environmental impact.

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