Floor Maintainer

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Our EU Ecolabel accredited floor maintainer is ideal for mopping, spray cleaning and mechanical cleaning. It dries to a lustre to give a long lasting finish to sealed flooring. It can be used to enhance previously treated floors and also as a polish maintainer.

  • recommended for food storage areas where traditional solvent-based products would be a problem
  • protective, tough coating
  • pleasant fragrance
  • water resistant when dry

Directions: Spray clean: Dilute with cold water into a spray bottle and apply directly onto surface. Machine buff with a soft buffing grade (red) floor pad until clean, dry and shiny. Damp mop: Dilute with cold water into a bucket and apply solution directly onto surface using a mop. Do not use on polished wood or unsealed parquet surfaces.



General cleaning: dilute 1 part concentrate to up to 50 parts water.

Light cleaning: dilute 1 part concentrate to up to 80 parts water.

Heavy cleaning: dilute 1 part concentrate to up to 10 parts water.


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