SuperC Dispenser

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The SuperC dispenser allows our system concentrate chemicals to be diluted at point of use. Unlike plumbed-in systems, the SuperC requires no water or electricity for either installation or operation, and avoids all the attendant problems associated with venturi products.


SuperC Benefits

  • bottle fill
  • bucket fill
  • controlled and accurate dispensing prevents multiple dosing, overdosing and under dosing
  • easy installation and operation, requires no water or electricity
  • minimise environmental impact and reduce waste going to land-fill by re-filling empty trigger bottles


What you get from 2ltrs

Supplying ready-to-use chemicals can be costly to buy and transport, this is where the SuperC system really comes in to its own. For example:

  • 1x 2ltr  =  166x trigger bottles. £0.26 per 750ml trigger bottle (rrp)
  • 1x 2ltr  =  66x buckets. £0.53 per 5ltr bucket (rrp)


Directions: Dispense concentrate via the SuperC dispenser into an empty trigger bottle or bucket and fill with clean water.


System concentrates

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser system concentrate

Multi-Purpose Cleaner system concentrate

Washroom Cleaner system concentrate

Refill trigger bottles

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